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Jim Kinnebrew, Ph.D.

With nearly three decades of ministerial experience, Dr. Jim Kinnebrew can address all of the spiritual needs of your church.  A strong fulfilling marriage of over 30 years qualifies Jim and Sandy to speak to the hearts of husbands and wives. 

Three grown boys who love and serve the Lord are strong evidence of the grace of God that the Kinnebrews have experienced in parenting.  Ever aware of the mistakes they have made and the lessons learned, Jim and Sandy inspire with humility and realism, convincing others that God can give them victory too!

Jim's popularity as a Bible teacher, evangelist, and spiritual life director stems from his effectiveness in bringing individuals, families, and whole congregations to a higher level of Christian living.


Dr. Kinnebrew is Vice President for Academic Affairs at Luther Rice University in Metro Atlanta, GA.  He holds a BS in Pastoral Ministry from Liberty University, an M.Div. in Church Growth/Evangelism from Liberty Baptist Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Theology (minors in OT/NT) from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is an ordained Southern Baptist pastor, educator, consultant, author, and online entrepreneur. 

Dr. Kinnebrew has taught throughout the U.S. the orient, the carribbean, and Europe.  He is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and a guest researcher for GotQuestions.Com.  His doctoral research on the Charismatic Doctrine of Positive Confession is cited by almost every author who has written on the subject, including Robert Bowman, Hank Hannegraff, Walter Kaiser, and others.

What Others Say

Dr. Kinnebrew, Thanks so much for the inspiring week on "The Father to Whom We Pray."  I have such an appreciation now for my Abba, Father!  This has really enriched my prayer life.  Please come again real soon and share with us the teaching on "The Son through Whom We Pray" and "The Spirit in Whom We Pray."  When you come, I'll be on the front row!

Manny S.

Spring, TX

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